Bike-Powered Organic Produce Delivery: Harvest Cycle

harvest cycle produce delivery by bicycle image

Image credit: Harvest Cycle

We TreeHuggers are big fans of local, sustainably grown produce. We're particularly big fans of CSAs and other forms of produce delivery as a great way to consolidate trips and cut down on those last few food miles. (The rooftop hydroponic farm delivering by biodiesel remains a personal favorite!) In fact we are such big fans that we started a list over in the forums for anyone to share their favorite CSA's or organic produce delivery services. Now, thanks to the ever wonderful Splendid Table over at NPR, we've come across a Florida produce supplier that is cutting out carbon from its supply system almost completely - delivering locally grown fruit and veggies by bike. Sarasota-based Harvest Cycle supplies a limited delivery area (University Parkway to Clark Road. Lockwood Ridge to the Sarasota Bayfront) with fresh produce purchased from Jessica's Stand and Organic Farm which supplies farm-fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, grains and seeds. The produce available is updated weekly via Harvest Cycle's online market, and deliveries are made twice a week. Reuse of shopping bags is compulsory, and the company charges a delivery fee - ranging from $15 for a one-off order, to $80 for ten orders to the same address. While the delivery fees are not insignificant - they seem reasonable given the time saved shopping, and the effort involved in peddling a trailer full of groceries! Better yet, a full 25% of delivery proceeds go directly to the Alliance for Responsible Transportation - makers of the Sarasota Bike Map. Seems like a win, win, win all round.

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