This bike poncho could be the perfect rainy day accessory for cyclists


Tired of trying to stay dry while riding your bike on a rainy day? This new accessory may help.

Riding in the rain and snow can be a lot of fun, as long as you're prepared for it. And while carrying a full rain suit with you might work for some situations, you can still be in for a long wet ride if you're caught without it. One new cycling accessory might provide another alternative for keeping you dry (well, drier, anyway) on wet rides, and it packs down into a compact package that won't take up too much space in your bag.

The Boncho (bike + poncho, naturally) is designed to fold and unfold easily from its pouch for easy deployment as soon as the first drops start to fall, and to cover the rider's upper body and the bike's handlebars with a water-repellent and breathable fabric that won't turn you into a sweaty mess by the end of the ride. The new cycling accessory is from the Dutch commuter bike company VANMOOF, which chose to launch the Boncho via a crowdfunding campaign.

The Boncho looks to be a practical cycling accessory, although the company's claim that it forms "a cover for your legs and feet" seems a bit suspect, as anyone who's ever ridden in the rain can testify, especially in windy conditions. Perhaps it may keep your legs dry on a day with completely calm conditions and drizzling rain that comes straight down, but I'd be really surprised if your lower body stayed fully dry on rainy days. The Boncho might help to keep water from running off of your upper body directly onto your legs (as it does when just wearing a rain coat), but unless it includes a force field to keep drops from hitting your legs and feet when the rain falls at an angle, I imagine you'd also want to wear some rain pants on the bottom.

Backers of the already-successful Kickstarter campaign can get their own Boncho for a pledge of at least $60, and the product is expected to ship out in March of 2016. Backers can pick blue or gray for the color of their Boncho, which is available in three different sizes for the best fit for each rider. More about VANMOOF's bicycles can be found at the company website.

This bike poncho could be the perfect rainy day accessory for cyclists
And naturally enough, it's called a boncho.

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