Bike Parking: the Latest Victim of the 'War on Terror'?

We’ve already heard how getting off oil would help us fight terrorism, and we know that climate change is a security issue, so we are confused, then, why a report over on the BBC claims that bike racks may be sacrificed in the name of keeping us safe. Evidently architects and engineers in the UK have been putting a great deal of thought into ‘terror-proofing’ buildings, undeniably a worthy cause, but this has lead to the decision to axe bike parking facillities at some major venues and railway stations (Bonnie already reported on the protests about this last week):

"There's a sense of panic about this. The truth is that railway stations cannot be protected from people carrying bombs like on 7/7. You can't check everyone coming into railway stations. The numbers involved are far greater than aeroplanes."

He [Rail expert Christian Wolmar] fears the penalty will be paid by innocents like cyclists who will no longer have bike facilities, a problem highlighted at St Pancras and the Emirates Stadium.

"We can't let them win by changing our way of life. We need a bit of the Blitz spirit."

We’ve been unable to find an explanation why reducing bike racks would increase security, but if anyone has ideas, we’d be glad to hear them. ::BBC::via site visit::

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