Bike Movie Festival Opens Tonight in New York

I am so envious of all our New York TreeHuggers, there is so much going on. Most of our attention is to all of the design week stuff, but were I in town tonight I would be torn between the Apartment Therapy Smallest Coolest Apartment Awards (dibs on coverage of it tomorrow morning!) and the opening party for the Bicycle Film Festival. Cool Hunting tells us about some of the films:

Of the many first-rate films that bring the energy and ethos of bike culture to the screen, we picked out a few that stand out. "Monkey Warfare," won the 2006 Special Jury Award at the Toronto Film Festival, tells the story of two Toronto residents whose lives change when they meet a young revolutionary. "Klunkerz" documents the history of the modern mountain bike and the cultural movement it spurred in the Bay Area. Starting in Boston, "Ayame" tells how the Boston chapter of Bikes Not Bombs sends a shipment of used bikes to Ghana, West Africa. The film follows two Ghanaian locals from before they have the bikes to a year later, showing how transportation has changed their lives.::Bicycle Film Festival via ::Cool HuntingDAN DEACON, GANG GANG DANCE, and other bands
playing opening night party.

JOY RIDE an art show featuring Phil Frost, Steve MacDonald, Shepherd Fairey, Peter Sutherland, Taliah Lempert, Swoon, and many other artists

STREET PARTY May 19 | 1pm-7pm
2nd St at 2nd Ave
Fun bike games other fun events presented by TRACKSTAR.
Footdown, trackstands, and skids for all.
FBM hosts BUNNYHOP CHALLENGE w/ cash prizes. Performance by Ines Brunn.

and BIKE PARADE May 19 | 1pm
Meet at 33 W 17th St. near 5th Ave
Calling all tall bikes, short bikes, long bikes, regular bikes to the streets of New York. Show your colors! Ride your most fun bike: with your team, club or your biker friends. Dress yourself up and your bike.

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