Bike Moves: Cyclist Carries Entire Booth For Green Living Show on Cargo Bike

green living show bikes photo urbane cyclist

There were lots of interesting bikes at Toronto's Green Living Show,(more below the fold) but Reba from the Urbane Cyclist carried it one step further: Her entire 10x10 booth was brought to the show in one trip by cargo bike and trailer. She has a little help from a Bionx electric conversion (seen at Green Living two years ago) but still, that is a lot to carry.

Urbane cyclist moves entire booth by bike from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

green living show bikes photo urbane cyclist for show

From the Urbane Cyclist blog, here is Reba with the fully loaded bike. Unfortunately, she is not available for hire for bike moves.

More Bikes at the Green Living Show:

green living show bikes photo recycler art

Gilbert VandenHeuvel lives on a farm, where you get pretty handy; he notes that "there's always something to fix on a farm." He loves cycling, and "the joy of cycling and metal work came together one day and the first pedestal table was born. With old bikes hanging around the garage, material for those first creations where readily available." He now offers seating, tables, desks and more, all recycled from old bike parts. He calls it functional reCYCLED artwork.

green living show bikes photo airstream folding bike

I ride a folding bike, and love the fact that it is light and folds fast. I was surprised to see Airstream's folding electric bike; at almost 50 pounds it certainly isn't light. Perhaps it is useful to have it fold for storage, but it seems like a bit of a compromise. Its lithium polymer battery will push it 21 miles on power only, up to 33 miles with a bit of an assist. More at Airstream Group.

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