Bike Mechanics are the New Doctors

bike mechanics are hard to find photo

Photo Credit Egan Snow Creative Commons

In Toronto, it is getting as hard to get an appointment with a bicycle mechanic as it is to get one with a doctor. Susan Krashinsky writes in the Globe and Mail:

"Cycling is growing in popularity, and it's not easy to find a good mechanic. But this year, high gas prices, nasty weather and a traffic-choked downtown core meant tune-ups were in high demand. And when the transit strike hit in April, a flood of desperate customers descended on Toronto's bike shops."

Mechanics are working 11 hour days, and booking service appointments a month ahead. The number of cyclists has exploded. "It's gone off the hook," Mr. Kamphof [of curbside cycles] said. "We saw triple-digit growth for the month of April compared to last April."

And why not? "It's more convenient than the bus and it's less expensive than a car." ::Globe and Mail

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