Bike Lock Concept Makes Bike Impossible to Ride If Stolen

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Images by Jaryn Miller

A bike lock concept by designer Jaryn Miller has caught our eye as a clever way to keep thieves at bay. If someone tries to steal this bike, they'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. The bike lock works a little bit like The Club, that is, if the steering wheel turned into the lock itself.

jaryn miller image

In Miller's design, the handle bars of the bike are removed and locked together around the frame to create a super sturdy loop that would be tough to cut through. And even if a thief did manage to cut through it, they'd find that they lack a way to steer the bike if they want to ride it away. It makes for a far slower get-away.

In addition, there's another piece that locks the back wheel to the frame, so that would have to be removed if the wheel were to work at all.

jaryn miller image
jaryn miller image

If a thief wants this bike, they'd have to put some serious effort into freeing it, then carrying it away. It certainly makes it not worth the trouble.

Gajitz writes, "Besides providing improved security, this design would help bike riders keep their supplies to a minimum. Rather than having to remember to take a lock on every ride, the cyclist can just grab her bike and go."

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