Bike is Obnoxiously Bright at Night

bike with lights off photo

Commenter Rayn responded to our post on bike lights, noting his aggravation toward black-clad cyclists who blow through intersections: " Reflectors and lights
didn't' do crap because I wasn't facing the front or back of him and he was
wearing all black. "

It is a good point; lights usually aim front and back, but a lot of drivers don't see cyclists going through intersections legally while they blow through stop signs either. That's why the Bright Bike is such a good idea. Above, the bike is pictured in the day time; but look what happens at night when hit by the headlights:

bike taped photo

Wow, nobody is going to miss that, and probably nobody is likely to steal it either. Mandiberg writes on his flickr page:

The Bright Bike is a retroreflective vinyl wrapped bicycle. We used Scotchlight 680 vinyl. When the bicycle is in the beam of a light (like a car's headlight, or a camera's flash,) it reflects back super bright. When it is not in the light, it is just jet black. Ideally, it will aid in nighttime bicycle safety.


Really, is there any reason they don't mix a little reflectivity into the paint on every bike? Rayn had a point- side visibility is important too.

via MAKE

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