A bike innovation that all city cyclists will covet

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Though it's not always true, many of us that commute by bike don't have much space to park and store our bicycles - either we live in urban-sized apartments in a city, or we just tend to have such great affection for our cycle that we want it to accompany us to our work space, for safe keeping.

That's why the Bike Lift&Carry, an innovation designed by Henry Teterin and the Ukrainian studio Mukomelove, is simple yet really handy for urban bicyclists.

"My wife and I love to ride our bikes in the city," Teterin says. "But sometimes to get to the best spots you not only have to lift your bikes, but also carry them."

Teterin was inspired in part by his wife Mary. Seeing her carry her relatively heavy cruiser bike up and down the stairs in their home city of Kiev, he starting thinking about something to help her manage the weight of the bicycle easily.

The Bike Lift&Carry - a seatpost-mounted cylinder holding a retractable woven shoulder strap - emerged from Teterin's musings.

Two features make this bike accessory a perfect add-on for urban riders: one, the strap allows a cyclist to carry a bike like a shoulder bag, centering the weight of the bike more efficiently instead of making the carrier hunch one shoulder up. Second, the strap and its carabiner attachment on a bike's handlebars allows for one of the carrier's hands to be free - a great convenience for opening doors and maneuvering inside of buildings.

Teterin says the strap's attachment to the handlebars also keeps a bike's front wheel from floundering as much when a user is carry it.

Once a biker has arrived at her/his destination, the strap retracts back into the cylinder, and the carabiner rests on a silicon pad - to avoid any rattling sounds during a ride.

Teterin says the Bike Lift&Carry can manage bicycles up to 70 pounds, which does include many of the heavier cruiser and electric bikes. Bike Lift&Carry launched on Kickstarter today.

The Kickstarter price will be $45. Regular retail, Teterin says, will be $55 for the regular version and $65 for the sport version.

A bike innovation that all city cyclists will covet
Bike Lift & Carry is the simplest and most practical bike carry that urban cyclists could imagine. Carrying your bike up stairs, over curbs and into your home is now simple, and stylish.

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