Bike Hugger Gives Stokemonkey a Push


Bike Hugger is a relatively new blog on the block. It's about, as they say, "the cycling lifestyle, culture, health and fitness. We promote commuting by bike, traveling, and one-less car. While working to popularizing cycling, we also have an undercurrent of counter-culture that's reflected in the name and that fact that we love our bikes and riding. We'd love to hear from you about how you cycle, where and what you ride, and your commute." One of the authors has built, with his family, a bike with Xtracycle and Stokemonkey components. Xtracycle, which we first covered back here, extends standard bikes by allowing them to carry longer, wider, heavier cargo and passenger loads. Stokemonkey, on the other hand, is an electric motor assist kit that can be added to Xtracycle frames. It doesn't move the bike for you, it simply helps you turn the pedals. But, as you pedal, it does provides powerful assistance: 30 mph (48kph) on the flat, and can help you haul adult passengers up slopes exceeding 30%. Cleverchimp, the manufacturers, reckon that it is perfect for trips up to about 50 miles (80 km) between battery recharges. Read more about both here > ::Bike Hugger and ::Stokemonkey. Bike Hugger tip via Huw K.