Bike Helmet With Built In Headset Lets You Ride And Talk At Same Time

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TreeHugger often shows disturbing photographs from Copenhagen and Amsterdam showing people on bikes, without helmets, with KIDS riding double without helmets, while talking on cellphones. Fortunately this state of affairs no longer has to exist, thanks to the development of U Clear's new bike helmet with embedded headset.

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Image Credit Amsterdam Bicycles

She would just be so much safer with a HBC201Bicycle Helmet Communicator. It uses bluetooth to communicate with your handset, is water resistant and gives you ten hours of talk time on a single charge. It appears to use technology developed for motorcyclists that eliminates the need for a boom mic through digital signal processing.

Of course, others might say that one should always wear a helmet and should NOT be talking on the cellphone, but concentrating on the road and listening to what is happening around you, so this device is probably not going to make anyone very happy.

Found at Gearlog

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