Bike & Go: A nationwide bike-sharing program is taking root in the UK!

Bike and Go bike sharing
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Early days, but it'll keep growing

Bike-sharing is great on its own, but it's even better when combined with other mass-transit options. A bike is usually the perfect way to go from the bus or train station to your final destination, and then back at the end of the day. Bike & Go aims to bring bike-sharing to the UK. So far there are a bit over a dozen stations in Merseyside, Anglia and the South East. But in the near future, over 50 stations are scheduled to pop up across the country, offering ±1000 bikes in Merseyside, the North West, North East, Anglia and South East.

"We believe in the whole journey concept. The customer's final destination is not usually at the station itself, so we have provided a means of getting them those last few miles," project manager Margriet Cuypers told the Guardian.

Update: To avoid confusion, Bike & Go is actually more bike rental thank bike sharing since you need to bring the bike back to station where you got it. But it's still a really great option for commuters, but it could maybe be turned into a more conventional bike-sharing system down the line...

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Cost is fairly low, though I hope that once the program has grown up, more flexible options will be created for casual riders who might not want to take the time to fully register first (tourists, etc). Annual membership is £10, and then it's £3.80 per day (you can keep bikes for up to 72 hours, and get two at a time to ride with a friend).

The launch of Bike & Go was made possible with a £1.65m grant from the department for transport, which was matched with funds from MerseyRail, Northern Rail and Greater Anglia.

Via Bike and Go, The Guardian

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