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The other day we mentioned Fibre Flare, a long line LED bike light system. Here's another light to consider, if you want to stand a better chance of being seen at night. The Bike Glow is a three metre (10 ft) long length of flexible tube that you wrap around your bike frame anyway you wish (tape and ties included). Connect the tube to a battery pack run by 2 AA's -- and presto -- electroluminescent technology outlines the shape of your bike, making it that bit more visible in the gloom.As best as we can make out it has three settings (aside from Off!): always on, a slow pulsing and a fast flashing. In the steady mode the batteries give out 50 hours of light, but this ups to 120 hours if you were only using the flashing option.

At $25 USD the Bike Glow seems reasonably priced for the extra edge it gives in night time bicycle safety. Though its appears to work best when deployed as an adjunct to other brighter head and tail light systems, rather than as your standalone bike lighting. It doesn't appear striking enough for that task, although it is kinda cool, as the following video shows.

Available in a wide range of colours, Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Yellow, and White, though we note from reading a swag on online reviews that the yellow is probably the most easily seen of them all. Get 'em from REI or direct from Bike Glow. Via GearCaster
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