Bike-Friendly Cities: How the Dutch Do It (Video)

One of the Most Inspiring Bike Videos Ever!

It's not magic. It's not genetics. The Dutch decided to create bike-friendly cities and to push bike-culture into the mainstream. It was no accident, and it can be replicated around the world. That's why it's great to see city official from around the U.S. go to the Netherlands with Bikes Belong to see for themselves and learn best practices.

More of these trips should take place and all city officials around the world should watch this video. It truly is one of the best ones that I've ever seen, and makes me excited about the future of biking.

The video is a bit longer than usual (over 10 minutes), but it's so full of goodness that it's worth the time. I just love seeing how the Dutch do it!

Via our friends at Streetfilms (Kudos Elizabeth!)

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