Bike Friendly Cities: Copenhagen (video)

We Love Cycling: Copenhagen
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You know how much we love Copenhagen and think it should be a model for the rest of the world, at least as far as creating a people and bike-friendly city. If you still need convincing - or just enjoy learning more about this great city - check out the short film below. It was made by the nice folks at We Love Cycling who travelled to Denmark to learn about the city by biking around and talking to some experts.

Some impressive stats to whet your appetite: "More thank half of all Copenhageners (including even the members of the Danish parliament) commute to work or to school by bike. Some sources claim that more people commute by bicycle in greater Copenhagen than cycle to work in the entire United States." (italics ours)

The internet-famous Sperm Bike even makes a cameo!

This is only the first film of what will be a series about Bike Friendly Cities. We're definitely looking forward to the next one!

Via We Love Cycling

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