Bike Friday's Tikit To Ride


We might've got in early in breaking the news on the iXi bike but we've been lazy in bringing you news of Bike Friday's newest member of the family, the Tikit. Just too much going on these days. We've noted before Green Gear Cycling's incredibly strong customer loyalty for their Bike Fridays. Now that riders can fold one of these very cute, yet highly practical bikes in, a claimed 5 seconds, we imagine they'll just increase their following. Gotta love a company that measures the folded size of their bikes by cases of soy milk! Three for the Tikit. Which comes complete with eight gears, folding pedals and even a sturdy brass bell. Front and rear carriers also on offer. If you don't want to heft 25 lb (11.3 kg) about, the folded configuration leaves the 16" wheels free to push it along. Developed in conjunction with Rob English, current British Hour bicycle record, (49.8 miles), the Tikit is made in the USA from chromoly steel and still folds into a Samsonite suitcase, like many of their other models. (Being steel it can readily repaired almost anywhere - aluminium frames require special welding equipment not often found in out of the way locales). About $1,200 is the pocket money you'll need to slip one of these between your legs. ::Bike Friday Tikit.