Bike Doctor App Empowers Mobile Bike Repair (Video)

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From reading Treehugger on your iPhone to measuring air pollution with your android, there's no doubt that smart phones can enable greener, cleaner living. Now a new smart phone app is aiming to make one important green task a whole lot easier—bike repair. Gone are the days of getting stranded across town with a broken bike, and having to call one of your more practical buddies to walk you through adjusting the gears.Spearheaded by Andreas Kambanis of London Cyclist (one of the worlds most popular cycling blogs), the Bike Doctor App is described as being like having a "pocket bike mechanic" at your disposal. If you find yourself stuck, facing a repair that you are not quite sure how to complete, help is instantly at hand:

"You load up the app. Tap the part of your bike with a problem and follow the step by step instructions. In under 10 minutes you're good to go and you make it home in time, just before the rain starts coming down."

Not only does each repair include step-by-step instructions, but color photo illustrations too. Now if it would only help you navigate to the nearest bike shop (or pub) when you give up in frustration, it would be perfect. Then again, that's what Google is for...

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