Bike Contrail Creators are Fundraising to Turn Concept Into Reality


Photo: Bike Contrail
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What if cyclists could leave behind a trail, a bit like in Tron, the old-school arcade game? That would be very cool for bike activists trying to make their presence felt and encourage local authorities to create new bike lanes where there are lots of cyclists using the road. That's what the Bike Contrail, which we wrote about last year, attempts to do. Pepin Gelardi and Teresa Herrmann, the designers who came up with the idea, are now trying to raise some money to start making Bike Contrails and giving some to non-profits who could use them in their activities. Read on for more details.

Contrail by Ulicu LLC from Teresa Herrmann on Vimeo.

Goal: $10,000
The video above gives you more information about what the Bike Contrail designers envision for the future of their invention. Their plea basically is: "Help us give Contrail to non-profits to build stronger bicycling communities. Non-profits can use Contrail to guide group bicycle rides, increase road safety, and make bicycling more fun."

For more about how it works, see our previous post.

Bike Contrail Device photo

Photo: Bike Contrail

To help fund the Bike Contrail, visit their Kickstarter page. They already have pledges from 87 backers offering over $4,000 dollars!

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