Bike Commuting Is On the Rise, In Toronto Anyways

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Interesting data from the last census: during the five year period ending in 2006, bike commuting increased by a dramatic 32%. In some parts of town it is now almost 30% of the commuters. This isn't just a downtown core thing only, but a pretty wide swathe of the city, covering most of the old City of Toronto before amalgamation.


Automobiles suffered a 5.9% decline in use, and transit a disappointing 1.9% increase.


Cyclists tend to be young and male, and the overall numbers of cyclists in proportion to the automobiles or transit is still awfully small, but there is no doubt about the trends- cars are being used less and alternatives are being used more. Imagine what it might have been like if the City had actually delivered on its promised bike infrastructure and if the transit system was not so overburdened and underfunded. More at BlogTO

Anybody got any stats for anywhere else?

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