Bike Belles: Sustrans Raises its Voice for Female Cycle Safety

Safety is a concern for female cyclists photo

Image credit: Sustrans

In a world where cyclists get shot for riding with their children, there is no doubt that personal safety is a major concern for all cyclists. But it's probably fair to say that women bare the brunt of this particular issue. April has argued before that the world needs more women on bikes (although some commenters felt her reasoning was a touch condescending), and she's also explored the question of whether women cyclists need to arm themselves. Now a UK charity is raising its voice for better protection for female cyclists. Will you join the call?Sustrans, the UK-based cycling advocacy group that we've celebrated as a powerhouse for cyclists' rights, is submitting a "Motion for Women" to local and national governments, calling on them to create safe, attractive environments for cyclists - including separated bike lanes - so that everybody, and especially women, can feel safe and confident in stepping out by bike.

The campaign is part of Bike Belles, a Sustrans initiative aimed at encouraging more women to cycle. The initiative also includes hints and tips for staying safe on a bike, a panel of real life 'bike belles', as well as beauty hints and tips for female cyclists. (Is this also condescending?)

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