Bike Advocate Keeps the Memory of Her Husband Alive

From raised cross-walks to chicanes to sasquatches campaigning for their rights, the numerous offerings from StreetFilms, a website dedicated to the "NYC streets renaissance" have proved hugely popular on TreeHugger. They've gotten such a good response in fact, and we've been enjoying them so thoroughly, that we've been visiting the site regularly to find more. One of the most inspiring features of the site is their Cyclist of the Month profile, where they create a short film celebrating one of the many bicycling heroes out there. This month it's the turn of Mary Beth Kelly, whose husband was killed by a truck as they cycled together on a New York greenway. While many would shy away from biking after such a horrific experience, Mary Beth has become an outspoken advocate of pedestrian and cyclist rights:
"When he died in such a sad and unnecessary way, I wanted to channel and transform my anger, my pain and my loss into something forward looking and in keeping with the things we loved. [ ] It took me a few months to get back on my bike, but I don't associate being on my bike with what happened to my husband as I do cars and trucks and what happened to my husband."

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