Bicyclist takes photos on top of bashed cars and other fun places

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An apparent bicycle lover with a photographic sense of humor has a blog on tumblr in which he posts picture after picture of himself of top of bashed up cars. Sometimes he's photographed in other funny places, such as on mini islands, tanks, trains, etc. However, for the most part, he's on top of somewhat or fully wrecked cars.

I don't know when the blog started (I got tired of trying to scroll to the bottom), but there are surely over 100 photos over there. Here are a few more of my favorites:

Another bike blog on tumblr asked why he was doing this. The answer is as follows:

cars are noisy, waste space, they stink and kill people, destroy the planet as a whole (next to nuclear energy)..i can’t hear them, smell this shit, have 80% of all public space used for them, all these resources wasted on such a dumb ego-thing as a car: i’d say 50 000 000 to 100 000 000 cars on earth are acceptable but meanwhile we have 1.1 000 000 000 cars and till 2025 it will be 2 000 000 000 cars on earth, all burning fossile fuel which is running out and could be used for other things

Well, there are a few powerful reasons in there that I think many a TreeHugger can relate to. And it's one thing to think about pollution in the abstract, but it's another thing to ride into it every day and have to deal with the unpleasant smell of it, fully aware that the culprit could be shortening your lifespan.

The bicyclist blogger seems to be German (hence the funky European way of writing numbers). I have to wonder how many times the police have come by and told him to get off of a vehicle, but I somehow think the German police would be more tolerant of this sort of art than American police would be.

One of the questions that come out of that is: Is this primarily art or primarily activism? (Or can the two simply not be separated in this case?)

On the art side, I think it's quite clever and many of the photos are interesting, humorous, and well done. It could be a gallery exhibit in my opinion! On the activism side, I'm not sure what kind of positive effect it might have. It's great fun for already converted bicyclists, but does it reinforce a stereotype of "rebel bicyclists" and counter-culture bicyclists that turns off the common person? Does it come across as too aggressive and too insensitive to the woes of bashed up cars and their owners? I'm really not sure. All I know is that it is hilarious to me, and I love most of the pics.

Also, while cars are the things this bicyclist most likes mounting (while he's mounted on his bike), he also photographed on top of plenty of other things. More than anything, he just seems to be having a fun time posing with his bike in interesting places. Here are some of my favorites of him not on top of cars:

For many more, head on over to

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Bicyclist takes photos on top of bashed cars and other fun places
Who doesn't love a picture of a bicyclist reading a book on top of a bashed up car?

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