Bicycling Outfits That are Organic, Reycled and Fair Trade: What More Could You Want?

These could be the most desirable green and environmental cycling clothes ever. Veleco claims to be the world's first fair-trade and eco-friendly cyclewear company. Their bikewear is made of all natural, organic and recycled material.

Take special note of this zippered jacket. It is made of 12 old plastic bottles, and the belt is a former inner tube. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it's windproof, water resistant and highly breathable. And it has "subtle reflective detailing so you don’t look stupid off your bike".

With Bradley Wiggins winning BBC Sports Personality of the Year, cycling is officially a very big deal now. Show where you stand, or should that be ride: the tee-shirts are organic cotton and printed using phthalate free eco-friendly inks.

The founders, from Brighton, England are the real deal too. For their newly launched cycle wear they use natural, organic and recycled materials wherever possible. Employees all cycle to work. (It is Brighton, after all).

The company pays a decent wage to its factory workers in Pakistan plus it pays a 15% Fair Trade premium on every garment made, which supports health and welfare projects for workers and their families in Pakistan. They use sea freight to ship their wares.


They are using Kickstarter to raise money in one month to launch a new recycled polyester softshell jacket (which was once 12 plastic bottles), organic cotton urban cycling shorts and a new range of carbon neutral cycling t-shirts and hoodies (from a factory that uses wind turbines). If you want to support them, here's your chance.

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