Bicycles, Vegetables, Bikinis, and the Ditty Bops


I first met The Ditty Bops a couple years back when they were working a booth selling produce at the Santa Monica farmers market. This musical duo has since then been getting a lot of well deserved attention for their artfully crafted songs, unconventional touring methods, and high marks on the sustainability scale. Ditty Bops are fantastic musicians and their recordings are artfully done and full of flair. Daryl Hannah appropriately chose one of their songs to open each of her DH Lovelife vlog entries. The Bops are also tireless advocates of bike culture, in LA, no less. But as if it wasn’t enough fighting to dispel the myth that nobody rides bikes in Los Angeles, the Ditty Bops toured the US in 2006, coast to coast, by bicycle. And in case the world hadn’t noticed that girls on bikes is one of the sexiest things imaginable, last year the duo put out the Bicycle Bikini calendar. For 2007 it’s the Vegetable Bikini calendar. I’m proud to have this beautiful artifact in a place of honor on my fridge. (This month is all about mushrooms, including recipes and medicinal properties.) Ride your bike, eat your veggies, listen to the Ditty Bops. ::The Ditty Bops


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