Bicycles Rule Britannia This Week

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It's the Team Green Britain Bike Week and bicycles are busting out all over. There are activities across the UK with the aim of getting everyone thinking and riding bicycles.

There is definitely a nation-wide upswing in bicycle usage. In London, cyclists have for the first time outnumbered motorists on some of the downtown routes.


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Bristol was designated a "cycling city" in 2008 and now they have three times as many cyclists on the roads. In York the number has increased by 20% and Cambridge as well.

On some of the busier streets in London's financial district, cyclists make up more than half of the commuter traffic, and on one busy bridge up to 42%. Cyclists are pushing for separate bicycle lanes and widening of existing ones as well as slower speed limits in city centres. But in London many of the roads are too narrow to be able to handle a separate lane so lowering the speed limit in 30 mph zones is being considered.

If it is up to Team Green Britain, there will be even more people hitting the roads. One of their most popular activities is getting old bicycles fixed up for riding. Apparently 77% of people in Great Britain own a bike, but only 14% use them regularly. Many people have them sitting in their garages, thinking that they are broken.

This week is "Britain's Biggest Bike Fix" and the push is on to get people to check out their bicycles and fix them up.

You-tube: Team Green Britain

Here are their 10 Top Bike Maintenance Tips:

1. Keep it clean
2. Keep your tires inflated properly
3. Check your brake pads
4. Silence squeaky brakes
5. Tighten saggy brakes
6. Get a professional service once a year
7. Lubrication, lubrication, lubrication
8. Check if your wheel is "true"
9. Get your saddle perfect
10. Buy some latex gloves (to keep your hands clean...)

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