Bicycle roundabout in the sky in the Netherlands, Hovenring (video)

Screen capture ipv Delft

Lloyd has written about potential bike highways in the London sky a couple of times, but did you know the Netherlands already has a bicycle roundabout in the sky?

The Netherlands is known for its bicycle-friendly streets and bike paths, so you'd probably think that bicycle infrastructure in the sky would be completely unnecessary there. But even this bike leader has intersections that are excessively large and centered too much around cars. In the case of one such intersection between Eindhoven and Veldhoven, planners and designers created the Hovenring, a beautiful bicycle and pedestrian roundabout elevated above the roadway.

By the way, despite being off most people's radars, this elevated bicycle roundabout was actually opened back in June 2012. It is apparently a tourist attraction for those who visit the area. Though, I have to admit that I didn't know about it at all until an article this month on TheCityFix included it in a discussion about the London SkyCycle concept.

The following ipv Delft video about the Hovenring is beautifully done. It's a piece of art in itself. Check it out here:

If you are averse to videos, I recommend you really suck it up and watch this one—it's beautiful. If you are really averse to videos, here are some screenshots (they don't compare to video, but nonetheless):

Hovenringipv Delft/Screen capture

Hovenringipv Delft/Screen capture

Hovenring elevated bike roundaboutipv Delft/Screen capture

Hovenring elevated bike roundaboutipv Delft/Screen capture

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