Bicycle 'herd' slows down life in German cities (video)

A herd of mechanical animals built from bicycle parts shepherded slowly through Germany
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An old tale tells of a man who seeks out the wise elder in the village, hoping for guidance on how to solve the problem that his house is too small. The wise man instructs the homeowner to move the chickens inside with the family. Soon, the man returns, complaining that the house feels even more crowded now. After a couple rounds of following the wise man's instructions, the house is full of people, chickens, goats, a cow....and finally the wise man instructs the homeowner to move all the animals back outside. Voila! The house feels like a palace now!

It appears that a performance art event recently found on the streets of German cities adheres to a similar principle. If they can demonstrate how slow life could really be, perhaps the automobile drivers crowding pedestrians and bicycles in the cities will be happy to co-exist with the relatively quick-moving bikes and walkers.

Looking at the drivers' behavior in this short video clip, they are definitely not taking the time to live in the moment and enjoy the incredible adventures that life has to offer. Gotta get to where they are going!

Hopefully, even though the webpage describing the invention of this crazy walking-bicycles stunt are only in German, the beauty of the event will remind us all to take some time to enjoy life and to live together with those around us.

Bicycle 'herd' slows down life in German cities (video)
A herd of mechanical animals, built from bicycle parts, serve in a demonstration intended to win back the streets for slower denizens of the city

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