Bicycle Helmets Decorated by Artists Auctioned for a Park

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These have to be the artiest bicycle helmets in town. Decorated by hot British artists such as Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn (above) and Peter Blake, it's all for a good cause.

The helmets are one of a kind and created for an auction to raise money for a new Olympic park. Why this money has to be raised by the public, rather than being paid for from the huge amount of resources going into the Olympics, is another question...

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Photo: madisonbell

First the helmets, because they are special. On the top row, Sir Peter Blake's is encrusted with shells and beside it, the black helmet has some dialogue from the film Easy Rider written on it.

In the second row Marc Quinn and Dexter Dalwood both have applied signature floral patterns.

second helmets photo

Photo: madisonbell

In the third and fourth row, Tracy Emin has her child-like prints, there is a map of the east end, and Boris Johnson, the Mayor, has autographed his "happy cycling in the greatest city on earth".

three miles photo

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So what's it all about? The Mayor has started up a new charity. The Legacy List will be a charity used to fund the 26 miles of parks being built as part of the new Olympic Parks legacy. The Legacy List will raise money to fund programmes, arts, culture and education in the east end of London and "honour the history of the area, and help create a sense of place and belonging for local communities."

A competition was held for the new playground, Three Mills, which will be the first project for the charity. The winning team was an architectural firm, We Made That, and a playground design group, Free Play. Their scheme combines a variety of structures, spaces and activities that should add up to an adventure playground for families and children in the area.

Since the auction only raised £100,000 ( $156,000), this charity has its work cut out for it. Bring on more bicycle helmets.

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