Bicycle Film Festival 2008. It's Not Too Late

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We’ve given kudos to the Bicycle Film Festival for years, for spreading the word about this most miraculous of vehicles, so why should we stop now. Although, admittedly, we have arrived less than early to the party. But the annual festival still has four gigs before it slams on the brakes for yet another year.

Having just finished in Paris, the show now moves Down Under. It will be playing in Sydney, Australia on 13-15 November, before heading further south to Melbourne (19-23 Nov). Then it flies off for a penultimate performance Milano, Italy (26-30 Nov). The movies, events, swap meets, art displays, performances and general good times wind up its eighth successful year in Portland, Oregon on 11-13 December.Whilst some of the program remains the same in all cities, plenty of local content is also assured so click those links above for more details.

::Bicycle Film Festival 2008

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