Bicycle Fast Fold Showdown. And the Winner Was ...


[UPDATED: The original embedded YouTube link we first had is, alas, now kaput, but you can still watch the video here.]

Here’s a story that’s sat in my in-box for an embarrassing nine months! (Sorry, Lynette.) Fortunately, watching our glorious leader quickly fold his Strida 5 into his wardrobe jogged my wayward memory.

The Fast Fold Showdown was a feature of last year’s Trophy Bikes ‘Round Up’ Folding Bike Festival. Contestants had to Ride, Fold, Carry, Sit, Cross Legs, Unfold, and Ride their respective brands of bike. See the likes of Xootr, Moulton, Bike Friday, Brompton, Dahon (as I recall) and others, duke it out for line honours. The speed that some can fold, and size they can compact to, is impressive. The event returns again to Philadelphia, PA, as part of Round Up 2008, during 6-8 June 08. New entries and potential new winners welcome. And as folding bikes continue to grow in popularity we suspect there will be plenty of contenders for the crown.

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