Bicycle Converts to Unicycle, Clown Not Included

uni-bicycle photo

Photo by whymcycles via MAKE

We love it when people get creative with bikes. It reminds us of all the ways pedal-powered transportation is more than just functional - it's a whole lot of fun too. That is highlighted by the Uni/Bicycle, a unicycle-turned-bike-and-back for anyone who wants a more interesting way of getting around when the quirky side of them comes out. MAKE points us to this fantastic hack by Peter Wagner of Davis, CA.

He states, "Famous Davis mayor, conservationist, artist and all-around thoughtful person, dear Julie Partansky (a twin like Myself!) gave me her old unicycle. Which in 2000 I adapted into being able to convert back and forth from unicycle to mini Hi Wheel Safety Bicycle! [Two] bolts and a quick release will do it! 2 minutes, tops... Tal, my neighbor, calls it the Wheely Bike. It's easy to go slow and spin the handle bars, circus & kunstrad style, too!"

Nothing like functional Frankenstein bikes to win our hearts. A whole lot more crazy and cool bike hacks are shown off on the Flickr photostream.

This one looks a whole lot easier to manage than the tandem unicycle hack we ran across awhile back!

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