Bicycle Cargo, Chapter 4: Cargo Bike Business (A - L)

Deutsche Post Yellow Cargo Bike photo
Photo: Deutsche Post cargo bike, via Wikipedia. Unless indicated all other photos are from their respective businesses.
This post is part of a series of articles about how to haul anything and everything by bike.
Carrying Stuff the Green Way
Our problems seem overwhelming: peak oil, climate change, air pollution, obesity, heart disease, and more. Yet one panacea for such a litany of ills can be found in the humble, human-powered bike (or trike), also known as, the 'most efficient means of transport ever devised.' Throughout previous chapters of our Bicycle Cargo compilation we've highlighted Racks And Bags, Bike Trailers, and Extended Frame Bikes. Prior to this we also included some cargo bikes in our roundups of Tricycles and Quadracycles.

The multitude of businesses who rely on bicycles is simply staggering This round-up barely scratches the surface. It is but a tiny taster of the possibilities open to human-powered transport. Even so, we've had to break it up into two sections (look out for M to Z businesses next week.)

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Asian cargo bike photo
Photo: Credit unknown. (One of those pix found ages ago, whilst trawling the web. Please advise image credit or removal, as appropriate.)

It is more than appropriate that this particular heading should lead off out alphabetical listing of cargo bikes. For, as anyone whose visited Asia can readily attest, this is the region where bikes ands trikes are press-ganged into transporting large, heavy and awkward loads that beggar belief. Asia is where the rubber meets the road for cargo bikes. They support the livelihood of many hundreds of thousands of people, whose very existence relies on the cheap, simple, versatility that so typifies the cargo bike the world over.


AV2hire cargo bike photo

This London-based audio-visual hire company include in their list of clients: embassies, churches, artists, schools, theatres, charities and government agencies and the British Royal Family. They zip through London streets with projectors, screens, staging, and sound systems, all secured in special extended frame bikes, designed by Mike Burrows of 8 Freight fame.

Bikes At Work

bikes at work cargo bikes photo

These guys not only make bike trailers for hauling heavy stuff, there also offer a furniture delivery business. So one would expect they know a thing or two about the cargo bicycle business. Apparently some customers get a surprise to discover their goods have been transported by bicycle. If the job warrants it Bikes at Works sometimes even use two bike trailers in tandem.
Bikes At Work


b-line cargo bike photo

Sustainable Urban Delivery is the tagline for this Portland, Oregon firm. Based on a Cycles Maximus design, their specially fabricated trikes have massive cargo holds mounted to the rear capable of moving 272 kg (600 lb) or 1.55 cubic metres (55 cubic feet). To give themselves alittle extra grunt with such a load on board the B-Line cargo trikes are the electric-assist variety. They are happy to deliver all manner of goods from office supplies, through platters of catered food, to linens.

Boulder Blooms

boulder blooms cargo bike photo

This locally-owned Boulder florist scored a Zero Waste award for their efforts to minimise the environmental impact of their business. They recently took charge of a custom built, covered bike trailer to deliver flowers to customer nearby to their premises. Not only will it help them cut CO2 emissions, they are also expecting to save on parking hassles and fees, whilst getting closer to customers addresses. We wonder if they also plan to use it to haul away the (1 cubic metre) 250 gallons of compost they generate every week?
Boulder Blooms

Cascadia Cabs

Cascadia cycles cargo wedding bike photo

Started a few years ago as a one trike pedi-cab service, Cascadia Cabs has morphed into a broad spectrum human powered transport alternative, servicing the US Pacific NorthWest. Not only do they co-ordinate a pedalling taxi service in three Oregon locations, but the also operate two of the more romantic options for cargo bikes -- namely wedding transport and that perennial favourite, the icicle tricycle.
Cascadia Cabs

Café Bon Bon

cafe bonbon cargo bike photo

Speaking of ice cream laden trikes, that's exactly the sort of vehicle that Café Bon Bon make available for special events in the British South West. Order the 1920's style Ice Cream Tricycle and you get a staff member serving guests with up to six flavours of ice cream direct from the trike. Hiring customers have a choice of 37 flavours of ice cream from which to select their fave half dozen to be served on the day.
Café Bon Bon

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