Bicycle Cargo. Chapter 2: Bike Trailers


Croozer make half a dozen different bike trailers, including for kids, and even canine companions, but we've elected to showcase here their Cargo model. With a weight capacity of 30 kg (66 lb) the Cargo can trundle substantial loads aboard the steel frame, plastic floor and 16" spoked wheels, all protected by the removable weather cover. Yet it's no one trick pony, for you can convert it to a hand cart, simply by changing the angle of the hitch-arm. And it also does a vanishing trick when not needed, by folding flat.

Photo: Croozer


CycleTote is yet another trailer manufacturer with a plethora of different styles to trailers. But we're going to take a peek at their Special Needs Trailer, which has been designed around the needs of parents with handicapped children. Often these children have mobility challenges as they get older, but CycleTote don't see that as an impediment for their enjoyment of the outdoors and family events. These trailers with their tig-welded, heavier walled aluminium frames can accommodate kids up to 1.67 m tall or weighing 80kg (5' 5", 175 lbs).

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Out of Poland comes the ExtraWheel, in two versions, the Classic, and the newer Voyager, which is said to be able to handle loads of up to 35kg (77 lb). ExtraWheel claim their single wheel trailers are the lightest available. That they can negotiate most obstacles and enter the narrowest of spaces. Offered in standard three wheel sizes of 26, 27 and 28 inch, the ExtraWheel can be used as emergency wheel for a rider's bike. Its makers claim the single wheel shortens braking distance, improves the front wheel ground contact and reduces rolling resistance in soft terrain.

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Hunter K9

If your pooch weighs under 45 kg (99 lbs) then the DoggyRide Pet Bicycle Trailer from Hunter K9 might be just what you need to transport them to the park or the vet. Access is possible both fore and aft, and there are leash hooks inside the trailer for a couple of canines, so they can't dash off unexpectedly. It also converts to a stroller, with an optional kit.

Photo: Hunter K9


Imagine Q designing a bicycle trailer for James Bond, and you might get a sense of Koga-Miyata's Chela. Capable of transporting about 30 kg (66 lb) of touring gear, it also converts in to a comfy seat and table. Has a telescopic camera stand and one of the modular cargo bags sports a solar panel for charging electronic gadgetry. But its tricks aren't done just yet, because it will also transform into towable hand luggage simply by removing the single rear wheel, allowing small castors to run along the railway platform. These chameleon qualities, do however, add up to a total weight of 12.6 kg (28 lb)

Photos: Koga-Miyata


This trailer exhibits a different design thinking to many others. Conceived as an upright shopping trolley that readily morphs into a low profile bicycle trailer, the Swiss designed Max (aka Shopper) is basically a 40 litre (2,440 cu in) polypropylene box that attaches to an aluminium frame. This in turn can be pushed around the supermarket or farmers market, before being lowered down and connected to one's bike, without needing to decant any purchases. Happily the price looks like it's now less than half what we reported back in 2005.

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The Paddleboy Flyer is the bike trailer for those who want to portage their canoes, kayaks, surfboards, and sailboards. Or any rigid item that weighs less than 34 kg (75 lb) and is no longer than about 5 m (15 ft). The length adjustable frame is lightweight anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware, whilst the 16" wheels are pneumatic bicycle tyres.

Photo: Secret Depot

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