Best Buy to Start Selling Electric Bikes Next Month

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Photo: Currie Technologies
Source Says 20 Stores on West Coast at First, Maybe More for Holiday Season
According to Bicycle Retailer, Best Buy is about to start selling some electric bikes in some of its stores on the West coast. "Best Buy will be piloting electric-powered personal transportation products at some of our stores on the West Coast later this spring," said Paula Baldwin, senior manager for Best Buy public relations. At first, e-bikes by Currie Technologies and Ultra Motor will be available. This is excellent news! Read on for more details.

Photo: Ultra Motor
Bicycle Retailer writes:

Currie Technologies will be stocking Best Buy with six different Izip models, ranging in price from $499-$2,000. The Southern California-based company will also provide Best Buy with two electric scooters at $299 and $599, according to Currie president Larry Pizzi.

Mr. Pizzi adds that his electric bikes will be sold in 20 stores at first, but that a "larger roll out" was possible for the holiday season.

No word yet on which specific Ultra Motor models will be sold, except that they will be part of the A2B line.

Via Bicycle Retailer, Autobloggreen
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