Beautiful Bicycle Helmets

patterned bicycle helmets look nice photo

Beautiful and bicycle helmet seems like an oxymoron but here's proof that it doesn't have to be. With Bike to Work Days being celebrated, pretty cycling hats likes these prove there is no excuse not to wear one with pride in front of your fellow workers and bikers. They are designed by an eco-conscious Japanese-born designer who got fed up with looking terrible on her bike so she created her own collection of helmets that are funky and still meet all the safety requirements.

The helmets are factory-made and decorated with carefully chosen feminine, delicate colours and have "diamond" trimmed chin straps. The designs are cleverly positioned on the back and on the left-hand side so drivers and pedestrians can admire you as you go. Helmets are available in a full range of lovely colours and there is a "designer" label on the back of each one.

We love the "Kiku", which is a chrysanthemum pattern, in pink (pictured left). But then there is "Sakura", cherry blossom, which comes in bright turquoise (pictured right). Or perhaps "Hanabi" (fireworks) in cool minimalist grey and white. Or for the traditionalist, Rose, in dusty pink. The possibilities for wardrobe matching are endless.

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