Beat Gasoline: Kicking Fossil Fuels through Sports (video)

Beat Gasoline promotes sports as alternatives to gasoline image

Image credit: Beat Gasoline

From skateboarding to a 'magic wheel' to 'urban mushing', TreeHugger has covered its fair share of sometimes unusual sports and recreation activities that could be considered alternatives to car use. A new online contest aims to highlight how youth are using sports to "Beat Gasoline" - raising awareness about global warming, pollution and congestion - and giving an opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes in the process. I just wouldn't use some of the videos for road safety education...
The Nike-sponsored Youth Noise Beat Gasoline campaign certainly has some laudable aims - asking young folks to "lace up [their] sneaks and show up horsepower with a little man, woman and kid power." Users are uploading videos on everything from dog-sledding to skateboarding to, by the looks of things, frisbee throwing as an alternative to driving the car - yeah, I was a little confused about that last one too. Of course, the curmudgeon in me could point out that many vids (like the one below) show folks hardly following the rules of the road - but then I've yet to find a video on cycling drunk, so I guess I don't have any room to criticize. And a little (carefully directed) youth rebellion can go a long way.

Head on over to YouthNoise and upload a video for your chance to win some sports-related schwag from Nike, with second and third-place winners getting Global Giving Cards that they can use to support a project of their choice.

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