Be a Cycle Hero, Win £1500 Bike

The CTC, the UK's national cyclists' organisation, has made the above short film to promote cycling. Watch an attractive siren slip into some lycra and lure a group of Londoners up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. It's an odd pied piper type scenario, but with bikes. Hey, if it encourages more cyclists though, then fair play.

The good news is that the CTC are giving away a £1500 ($3000) bike to the winner of a short film competition. £1500 is a lot of bike."Make a short video of anything you like, so long as it includes a bicycle or CycleHero. Then upload the movie to and use the entry form [link to entry form] at the bottom of this page to tell us about it. The best video or movie will win the £1500 custom bike and there is £100 for the winning entry in each category." ::Cycle Hero via ::Adrian Fitch

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