Bassong's Wooden Bike A Model For Cameroon?


Jules Bassong his wooden bike and the Cameroon flag he hangs under the handlebars

We've written about enterprising DIYers such as Marco Facciola who built his own all-wooden bike, as well as chronicled the award-winning Waldmeister wooden bike.

But in the case of Cameroonian sculptor Jules Fils Otong Bassong, necessity was the prompt for him fashioning a handmade bike from native acacia, bobinga and dosier woods. Bassong, a father of eight, is taking a tour on his handcrafted bike through Cameroon to find a sponsor to help him set up small-scale manufacture of wood-based bikes, which he hopes to turn into a "Camaroonian specialty." While Bassong described his long-haul bike trip as not entirely smooth - he had one minor accident on the 13-day trek thus far between Cameroonian towns of Bamenda to Buea, he told Africa News he believes the bikes could be an excellent cottage industry for his nation. Though his chain is metal and his seat is softened by foam, the majority of Bassong's cycle is a local renewable resouce. And he never needs to worry about a flat tire. Via ::Africa News

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