Bank Sponsored Bike Sharing


Last month Vancity—Canada's largest credit union set their Bike Share program a’rolling by infusing the local community of Vancouver with almost 50 fire engine red bicycles. The riders get to keep their bikes for a max of three weeks, then they’re asked to exchange them with new riders. Up until 7 September 2007, that is, when anyone in possession of a Vancity groovy chrome steed is requested to return it, so it can be passed to PEDAL (Pedal Energy Development Alternatives), a local non-profit, that will in turn donate them to individuals in low-income communities.

The credit union has a website to capture community feedback and their branches are acting as drop-off locations should any bikes need a tune-up. Not quite the grand scale of bike sharing ventures in Barcelona, London, Lyon or Paris (see recap here), but still highly commendable. ::Vancity Bike Share, via Springwise. (Image from Flickr.)

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