Bamboo for Bike Fridays?


Am just back from vacation and thought we might be overdue for a bicycle story. Fortunately my in-box contained this little gem of a brow wrinkler. A Bike Friday with a bamboo suspension! The bamboo reportedly can be ordered slightly 'green', so your derrière and the tube firm up together. Well, it sounds plausible, because we've seen bamboo bikes sprouting all over the show, like these exhibits A, B and C. But in fact, this was an April Fools gag earlier this year. (Shades of the Venom series by Specialized.) But as in all good leg pulls, it has enough basis in reality to draw you in. Brano Meres, designer of the bamboo frame bike noted in exhibit C states that after a years testing, "I enjoy riding this bamboo bike more than the carbon one." Go the grass. So come on Bike Friday, put your money where your mirth is. :-) ::Bike Friday.