BambooTec bike charges your devices while you pedal

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There's been a lot of interest in bamboo bikes though the years. Even more so than wood, bamboo is a quickly renewable material that can have the necessary stiffness and strength to be made into bicycle frames. Check out these 10 beautifully timeless bamboo bikes.

Bamboo technology company BambooTec of Yucatan, Mexico, is hoping to have success with its version of a bamboo bike that includes a converter to transform the kinetic energy from pedaling into electricity for charging of phones and other devices.

The converter rests on the wheel rim of the BambooTec bike, and the company expects it to provide 10 volts of power to devices; a regulator under the seat helps to keep the supply of electricity to the devices (mounted on the handlebars) steady. The power provided is split into three USB cables: one gives power to the onboard navigation system, one is dedicated to a smartphone external battery charge; and the last one can be used for any third device.

One of the designers of the BambooTec bike Espinosa Lopez said in an interview with Investigación y Desarollo that the over 10 volts of energy generated would be enough to give power to three devices simultaneously, and in tests is estimated to charge devices about one percent per minute.

In addition, the BambooTec bike will include a Bluetooth connection. The bike's creators are hoping to get production money for mass manufacturing of the bike through a Cleantech Challenge in Mexico.

BambooTec bike charges your devices while you pedal
Bamboo bike is more earth friendly than your average bike and gives you plenty of pedal-power to keep you charged.

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