Bakfiets: Move it, Move it


We’ve been meaning to mention the Bakfiets for ages. Ever since reader ‘Moo’ brought them to our attention in posts we’ve run on cargo trailers and family bikes. But, other than highlighting the similar TrioBike, we’ve were slack. We’ll that is, until our Birthday Boy saw some recently in Amsterdam. Bakfiets translates as cargo bike, or barge bicycle. (in Afrikaans, a bakkie is a pick-up.) Anyhow it means a bike designed to haul big loads. And these sure do, as the pics indicate. Two six year old kids can be secured with a 3 point harness in the front box, which appears to made from durable marine ply. There is even a long model for transporting up to four munchins. The low centre of gravity and the bikes geometry make it stable and light to steer. Covers are available to use the box in wet weather, either as a cargo bay, or with viewing windows for children. Mostly available in the Netherlands, but it seems there is a distributor in the US, who, oddly enough, goes by the name, the Dutch Bicycle Company. And yes, we know no-one is wearing helmets in the pics. This has been discussed umpteen times, most recently here. More at ::Bakfiets.