Bagbike Has Clever Carrier For Urban Cycling

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Designboom has been spoonfeeding out the short list in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 over the last few weeks. Some have been idiosyncratic and odd, but others, like this Bagbike from Francois Bernard, Sonja Breuninger and Marion Pinaffo makes a lot of sense.
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The designers write:

Our cities and awareness have evolved and influenced our behavior, but the urban bicycles have not evolved in the same way, so they no longer correspond exactly to our practice in town. 'Bagbike' is a proposition for what could be a natural evolution of bicycling, improving uses through simple design. one of the city's short trip issues is that we need to carry something with us every time. we all need to carry something during our ride everyday, to go shopping, work or study. but carrying a backpack makes you sweat; leaving your computer in the luggage rack is dangerous, and even a cellphone in the pocket is uncomfortable when you are riding. 'Bagbike' solves transportation issues. by dividing the frame in two parts, and joining them to create a storage compartment, you can carry all these essential items safely. while the storage compartment keeps our objects, it retrieves their weight, which lowers the center of gravity of the bicycle, and makes it more balanced.'

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That last point about the center of gravity is the key- this is a bike for shopping, for going to work. Very clever. More at Designboom
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