Babies on bikes: This Dutch music video rocks

baby on bike Groningen Netherlands
Screen capture Theun Supheert

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about the very unique relationships Dutch kids have to bikes. One of our readers, Jim Moore, was kind enough to recommend a music video by Anthony's Putsch, "King of the World," that he said we'd enjoy if we liked seeing babies on bikes (which I definitely do). He was 100% right.

The band members, Theun Supheert and his sisters, are actually from Groningen. If you missed our previous articles on this Dutch city, some key points are that it has a 50–60% bicycle commute rate, it may well be the best bicycle city in the world, and it has the best quality of life of any city I've visited.

Reportedly, Theun and crew didn't intend to make a video highlighting how special the Netherlands is when it comes to babies and toddlers on bikes. As another commenter noted, bicycling is so common there that it is somewhat invisible. "My Dutch contacts seem completely puzzled when I talk about their bike culture. Its invisible to them," BenBrownEA stated.

Here's a quotation from the Bicycle Dutch blog on just that point:

The video generates such positive vibes that it is making the rounds in circles of international cycling enthusiasts now. People can’t get enough of all the happy children on the bicycle. When people started to comment how special they think this is, it prompted the front man of the band to write: 'Typically Dutch I guess. Didn’t realize that when we made this vid.'

Isn’t it amazing how completely unaware the average Dutch person is about how special the cycling culture of the Netherlands is!

It is amazing. We can only imagine.

Well, you've waited long enough – here is this great music video, focused (and yet not focused) on baby bicyclists:

I love the lyrics (as well as the way it's filmed, of course). They capture so well the thrill of bicycling, especially as a young kid. The lead singer does a great job expressing that feeling, but no one does it as well as babies, toddlers, and enthusiastic kids. Aren't the little ones in this video so adorable? I just keep hitting "replay."

For some broader context on the topic of Dutch babies on bikes, here's one more quotation from the Bicycle Dutch blog:

To the Dutch there’s nothing more natural than cycling with their children. Manufacturers of Dutch baby front bike seats tell their customers they can be used from the time a baby is 6 to 9 months old, or, more accurately, when a baby is able to sit upright on its own. Foreign experts add that in their eyes the time a baby is one year old is a safer starting point. But in the Netherlands much younger babies are already transported on bicycles. For young babies, some of the Dutch will use a maxi-cosi mounted on the rear-luggage carrier, or they put their babies in a trailer or a bakfiets.

baby on bike Groningen NetherlandsTheun Supheert/Screen capture

Babies on bikes: This Dutch music video rocks
This Dutch music video was passed on to me after writing about the very different relationship Dutch kids have to bicycles.

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