Awesome Recumbent Folding Trike Video

greenspeed recumbent trikes photo

Image credit: Greenspeed

As the former owner of a Brompton folding bike, I know how convenient a human-powered vehicle that packs up small can be. But while the Brompton was great for commutes, it wasn't the finest touring bike in the world. So imagine my intrigue when I came across a folding recumbent trike. And then I saw a video of this thing doing some serious downhill action, and I fell in love.In fact Warren already introduced the world to the Greenspeed GT3 folding trike back in 2005. But given the fact that Austrailia-based Greenspeed have now released a newer version, including revised steering and other features, I figured this product was worth revisiting. And having seen the videos below on how easily this thing folds up, and how well it rides, I am sold.

Retailing at $2,690, this thing is hardly cheap. But it looks like a serious machine for the serious rider. And man does that downhill look like fun!

Unfolding a Greenspeed GT3

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