Award-Winning Human Powered Vehicle (Video)

Tadpole Human Powered Vehicle photo

Image credit: Peak Moment TV

From four-wheel-drive human-powered SUVs, to pedicabs, to cargo bikes, pedal-powered transportation is evolving. Students at Chico State University are determined to speed up that evolution with their Human-Powered-Vehicle challenge. Peak Moment TV took a ride on the winning entry. Check it out—I want one.As is typical for Peak Moment TV, the folks who brought us shows on backyard permaculture, protecting your money in a declining economy, or creating safe, legal gray water, the level of detail these guys get into may be more appealing to the geeks among us. But to be honest, that makes a nice contrast to your usual internet videos.

From talking about the technical specs, to showing how the design might be adapted for utility purposes, to taking the winning entry for a ride—Peak Moment TV shows that Human Powered Vehicles are about so much more than sports and recreation. I look forward to seeing more of these things on the road.

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