Augmented Reality + iPhone + Your Bike Helmet = Futuristic Cycling (video)

Augmented reality has been making its way onto our radar more often, especially with its potential for greening up our use of everything from public transportation to choosing shops and restaurants. It's also gotten the attention of some cycling gadget geeks who have done something really cool with it - or at least with the idea. They've turned it into a hands free navigation system for cyclists. It's not necessarily AR per se , but more an AR-style way of displaying what's on top of your head. Essentially, it's simply an iPhone strapped to a bike helmet, along with a retractable head-mounted display. You just move your head and the map, and therefore display in front of your eye, moves with you.

On the one hand, your vision is distracted, which isn't the safest thing ever while cycling. But on the other hand, you're required to wear a helmet to make it work, so if you do get distracted, at least you're protected. The experimenter says it's best to use it only when stopped at traffic lights. Perhaps once the displays can become more transparent so the information overlays your line of sight rather than blocks out a chunk of it in order to show you information, then it could be a safe option. Zeptotools points out you can even make hands-free calls or get Twitter updates this way. We don't recommend doing that while cycling city streets...

Via CrunchGear
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