ASCOBIKE: The Largest Bicycle Parking in the Americas


1,700 Bikes Park There Daily
Located about an hour from São Paulo, Brazil, the ASCOBIKE bicycle parking is described as being the largest bike parking in the Americas (possibly the world too, though I can imagine that maybe some bigger ones are in Asia, but they might work on a different principle). People park their bikes there to hop on the train that goes to the city, but ASCOBIKE also offers "a series of social, legal and bicycle education services". Check out the video below that our friends at StreetFilms made about ASCOBIKE. It's really great to see endless rows of bikes!

I really like how this isn't just a safe place to park your ride (which is important if you're about to hop on a train and can't carry your bike with you), but also a center for bicycle advocacy and education. Cyclists will never have good conditions, and will never be safe, unless they organize themselves enough to be heard by urban planners, politicians, motorists, etc.

And the good thing is, it doesn't have to be expensive. At $5/month, ASCOBIKE definitely is affordable compared to the alternatives.

Via StreetFilms, ASCOBIKE
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