Areaware's CarryMe DS: The Smallest, Lightest Folding Bike in the World?

Areaware CarryMe photo
Photo credit: Areaware

Move over, Strida, Areaware has added a new folding bike to its fold, and the company is heralding it the lightest and smallest of its ilk. The CarryMe DS, which folding-bike aficionados will recognize as a George Lin/Pacific Cycles design slapped with Areaware's logo, was created for ease of transport on a train, bus, or plane. To increase the CarryMe's speed and gearing range, a heel-controlled two-speed drive unit was added.Areaware CarryMe photo
Photo credit: Areaware

With custom gears, a freewheel, and a micro-chain designed to match the speed and rhythm of a full-size ride, the bike weighs in at 19 pounds (8.6 kg)—close but not quite as light as the 12-pound (5.5 kg) A-Bike.

The CarryMe will set you back a cool $800.

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