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"Forward thinking technologies and original expression" are the attributes that New York City-based Areaware seek in the designs they distribute. And this emphasis extends to their choice of transport products.

For 2010 their offerings include: the first folding bicycle to win an iF Product Design GOLD Award, the IF Mode; the urban cruiser with solar powered LED lighting, the Vanmoof; the folding bike favoured by TreeHuggers Graham Hill and Lloyd Alter, the Strida 5, as well as the pedal-assisted folding bike, the iF Reach DC. With its monocoque aluminium frame and innovative swing arm frame, the $2,250 USD iF Mode, is targeted at city commuters who need a full sized bike that folds to next to nothing in an instant. (pictured at top)

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Available as a three speed city cruiser the $995 Amsterdam designed Vanmoof has a set of front and rear solar-powered LEDs fitted into the bikes unique extended cross tube. (Pictured above)

areaware strida 5 bicycle photo

Stridas have been around for a quarter of century, but with its modern materials and higher quality construction it is the current version (Strida 5, $800 USD and 10kg or 22 lbs) that has really captured folding bike enthusiasts attention. Our leader Graham hangs his in the closet! (Pictured above)

areaware if reach DC photo

Industrial designer Mark Saunders' creative mind conjured up not only the iF Mode and Strida, but also was on hand to see the iF Reach come to fruition. This 20 inch wheeled folding bike is available in an $2,540 USD electric model, or the cheaper ($1,700 USD) and lighter pure pedal version. (Pictured above)

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PS. Yeh, we know you can pick up a functional secondhand bike for $10. That's a good thing too. But doesn't mean we should give up on trying to design a better bike.

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